Hayami is a social outcast because of what her family had done. She once belonged to a family of doctors, and were rich, however, her family charged too much and wouldn't take a patient without the full expenses, and pushed the townspeople to the point that they rioted and burned down their mansion. She was then forced to live in an abandoned bus with very few belongings.


Hayami is a very beautiful and attractive young girl with dark purple eyes and long, black hair in an angled cut at the end.She has also a white and smooth skin. After the time-skip, her hair has grown longer, and she keeps in in twin ponytails with black ribbons.

She usually wears her school uniform, even on non-school days. After the time-skip, she wears a black sundress with laces decorating the front. In the after story, she wears a white, long sleeved shirt under the same dress.

In Root: After and Another, she has an assortment of different dresses, but the black sundress still remains "Her favourite".


Hayami is a tsundere, meaning that she is cold and abusive on the outside, but warm and kind on the inside, as shown in the manga, where she takes care of a family of stray cats.


Hayami jumping on Takuma

Hayami also has a huge fear of spiders, at one point screaming and leaping onto Takuma when she saw one in the hallway.

Despite being very strong, Hayami refuses to fight back when she is getting beat up, as a sort of atonement for her family's mistakes.Because her family was prestigious and greedy, the village hated her family for it, and the hatred also stuck with her even long after her family was killed and her house was burned down. Hayami used to be great friends with Hotaru (the daughter of a town noble), until Hotaru's grandfather stepped in and stopped the relationship out of revenge.

With all of her friends, family and belongings gone, she lives a tough life full of anger and resentment towards the town folk. But surprisingly when Takuma begins to be very persistent about involving her in everything, she turns out to be a normal girl, just like all the others, with feelings, hopes and a strong desire for happiness.

Status: Like Hirose's mother, Hayami was hit by a train but was revived later as Otoha had convinced some spirits to revive her.