Takuma Hirose
Hirose Takuma

Eye color


Hair color

Light Brown

Favorite food

Omelets, Instant Ramen


Hirose Takuma has light brown hair and has cute brown eyes. He wears also his white polo, black pants and black shoes.

At the end of the episode it is shown that him wearing a bit dark light blue jacket that open with a pitch black shirt under it and wearing grey pants.


He is a kind, gentle person. He never stops trying to befriend Hayami even though she rebukes his attempts to be friendly.


He is the main protagonist of the story. He has a moderately quiet personality because he suffers from blindness and for his condition, he carries around a white cane he named "Tomodachi sa" , a pun on the word tomodachi (friend). His mother committed suicide, which left a deep emotional scar on Takuma. To rectify this, he moves to the countryside to live with his uncle. Takuma is naturally friendly and likes to befriend everyone he meets in his new town. There is a rift between the rich and the poor, with Takuma being on the former end of the divide.

At the last episode it is shown that Takuma is building a wind mild with his uncle on top of the hill where Hayami was all the time.When they were done and Takuma uncle went home you can see Otoha being chase by the boar in the first episode inn the form of a little girl and when she went back to the forest you can see Hayami coming out all grown up in a black dress.

Also, it's revealed in Episode 11 that he actually really couldn't see from Episode 2 until Episode 11 and that it was just an image created in his mind. In Episode 12, his sight really recovers.